Brentwood Dog & Cat Boarding Kennel, CA

  • Please feel free to bring along your pet's favorite blanket, to make your pet a little more comfortable during their stay (must be able to be laundered)

  • Toys and rawhide bones may also be brought (please limit your toys to two), we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. 

  • All pets must be clean, and free from fleas upon their arrival, if you would not have the time to bathe your pet, we will provide this service.  Note: All Holidays rates are $10.00 extra per day.

To protect your pet and others, we do have some vaccination requirements that must be met. If you have any questions please feel free to discuss them with us.

We will be happy to explain why these requirements are in the best interests of your pet and the others that visit us. Requirements are the same for regular boarding pets and those in day care.

DHLPP (Every 12 Months)
Rabies (Every 3 Years)
Bordetella (Every 6 Months)
Canine Influenza: (every 12 months)

FVRCP (Every 12 Months)
Leukemia (Every 12 Months)
Rabies (Every 3 Years)

**All vaccinations need to be verified by documentation from your veterinarian.**

Your pet must be free of fleas and ticks when entering. We will be happy to bathe your pet for you if external parasites are present.

POLICY All first time customers are asked to pay by cash, not a personal check.  There will be no exceptions!  All customers are responsible for the boarding time they have listed on their reservation check in sheet at time of departure, and must pay for the time reserved.  This applies even if you return early and come to pick up your pet without two days notice.  We also need to hear from you if your pet is going to stay longer than one day after the date you specified, this is important so that we will be able to care for your pet.  If we don't hear from you a special handling charge of $20.00 and board will be added to your pet's stay.


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600 Concord Ave., Brentwood, CA 94513
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Featured Services at Brentwood Pet Resort include dog & cat pet boarding at a Bay Area premium kennel which specializes in dog & cat boarding, bird boarding, plus all-breed professional dog & cat pet grooming, and doggie day care.


600 Concord Ave., Brentwood, CA  94513
925-634-7378  Fax 925-634-0884